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Services include, but are not limited to:

1) Install patches, fixes, and updates to operating system and/or servers; install additional software packages to the operating system or server; install patches, fixes, and updates to additional software packages.

2) Maintain adequate protection and safeguard Customer against virus, Trojan, spyware (the “Protections”) or any other unauthorized intrusion Customer may specify.

3) Develop policies and procedures for updating Protections.

4) Evaluate and make recommendations to Customer regarding Network Security, Protections, or any other concerns Consultants may have in order to safeguard Customer’s Network, Workstations, Computers, or other related systems.

5) Provide consultation and installation Services for any new projects or tasks that Customer requests of Consultants.

6) Provide disaster recovery from backup and maintain a current file library of all software, licenses, records, or purchases Consultants have made for Customer, source code and maintain a history log or other record for Customer concerning all computer related changes.

1. Network

a. Ip (addressing computers and printers)
b. Dhcp (removing addresses that are statically assigned)
c. Internet (configuring connection for max speed)
d. Wiring (running new wires, termination of wires)
e. Troubleshooting (problems with Ip conflicts)

2. Server

a. Email/exchange(adding users, cleaning up mailing list)
b. Backup ( daily, weekly, monthly)
c. Maintenance (updates, cleaning)

3. Computers

a. Maintenance (cleaning, defragmenter)
b. Updates (Microsoft, program)
c. Troubleshooting
d. Anti -virus( updates, virus cleaning)
e. Spyware( software, cleaning)

4. Routers

a. Vpn (set up , password)
b. Firewall (port blocking, )
c. Port forwarding (allow programs and computers in)
d. Remote access ( access from home)
e. Wireless (allow users access to internet but not network)

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